Brittany-Rose Tribulski

It is an honor to thank Rosie and the Grief  Recovery Therapy Counseling Group for how much they have helped me. I was struggling from dealing with my boyfriend's death and had done everything I could think of to "get better." My family was at a loss and in desperation they asked me to seek therapy. I did NOT want to go to therapy, but when I found this group therapy that made me feel like maybe I wouldn't have to do all the talking (I was right). 

I looked at other group therapy but they were religious based and I couldn't deal with all the "things happen for His plan" BS. I can testify that I did heal in Rosie's group. I am not recovered, I am recovering with the tools I learned from my co-group members. 

What I found in the Grief Recovery Therapy Group was a place that I could be honest about the darkest and most confusing time of my life. Crippled with sadness, I have now found a way to live with the truth. I am now working, living alone and have a small social circle, all things that were completely non-existent when I went to my first session. 

I truly believe that this group is successful because of Rosie's expertise and the way she manages the group. In addition, her personality attracts others that are dedicated to healing and the group members all relied on one another to help them through very difficult conversations. At first, I feared I would be burdened with the devastation of other people, but actually I was uplifted to know that they understood me when even my closest family couldn't understand me. 

Rosie walked me through everything, I had other members to rely on, and the reading and homework gave me tools to work through my grief. I miss my boyfriend very much and that is not resolved, but I am able to live with that now, when before I was totally paralyzed by it. Thank you Rosie and the Grief Recovery Therapy Program. 

MaDonna White

Rosie has been a cherished friend and reliable confidant for years.
When she told me she was starting a practice in Grief Counseling, I was thrilled for her but even more thrilled for the hundreds of people whose lives I know will be changed and healed by working with her.

Rosie has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter and to value relationships. When we are grieving it seems to me that we often create a tough outer shell to protect or rather overcompensate for what is vulnerable and raw inside of us and is still hurting. Sometimes this is unconscious, we aren’t even aware that we have become shut down in some way.

Rosie is authentic and vulnerable herself as if teaching by example. And in her “care” it feels safe; so we then can allow things inside of us to come out in a way that is natural, not forced or clinical. Rosie’s wisdom is a gift, not just from classes or books but wisdom that she administers with insight and kindness.

I think the opportunity to work with Rosie, if you are willing to be honest with yourself and you take full responsible for your own growth, will bring freshness and power to your living. So sit down for a cup of tea with Rosie and let your light shine more and brighter so that you too will be a beacon for others.